About foptics

Do you want to look the same everyday?

Did you know that each pair of glasses in the market is sold at an average 950% margin to cope with the fixed costs of the outdated retail channel? In comparison, jewellery is estimated at 200%, medical products at 75%, and F&B at 60%. 


 foptics offers you the liberty to shop for glasses in an affordable, convenient way online, empowering you to adjust your looks for the occasion.

No more boring designs and dry eyes from contact lenses.

No more rip-offs from retailers and visiting cluttered spectacle shops.

Glasses for people, made by people who need glasses.

Our Story

foptics began when Ray was still a final year student in university. His perfect eyesight started to deteriorate as a result of excessive studying (more like gaming and late night YouTube) and thought it was finally time to get a pair of prescription spectacles.

Upon shopping around, he realized there is no optical shops offering stylish but affordable glasses! He questioned himself on the price of the product, and, after doing some research, found foptics to fill that gap in Singapore.

 The optical industry has been stagnant for decades, and no retailer has been able to tap on new marketing and sales channels to offer inexpensive and stylish glasses. With us, you can ensure that you will not burn a hole in your pocket when you drop or sit on your pair by accident. We have made it possible to own multiple pairs of glasses fit with different types of lenses to suit your styling and daily needs.

Fast forward to 560 positive reviews on Carousell and over 3000 unique customers, we are happy to have a growing team to return the freedom of buying eyewear back to consumers, and we are just getting started. We need more ideas on how to better an industry that is ripe and way overdue for a change. Drop by, email or WhatsApp to connect and let's do something for the better.