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Select a frame

Go crazy on a wide selection of frames, be it from our Essentials, Premium or Hybrids frames. Not forgetting the Kids frames for our young friends! 


*Frames that are labelled as "Arriving in 3 weeks" means that they are currently out of stock. See FAQ for more info. 

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Select a lens option

Get clear vision with the right lens type that suits your lifestyle! Not sure of which lens to choose? Use our lens guide to find the lens that you'll need! 

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Make your Purchase

Simply hit the ‘Checkout’ button, make payment and viola! You’re …. almost done to getting your beautiful glasses!

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Getting in touch!

Hang steady, we will contact you via WhatsApp by the next working day for your prescription! 

Here's what a full prescription looks like.


If you're unsure of your prescription, do head down to our store for a complimentary eye check. With your prescription, we will take 3 working days to get your glasses ready! Delivery time will depend on your choice of delivery at checkout.

*For urgent requests/queries, please WhatsApp us and we will do our best to help you! 

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Note: Online purchases are only available for single-vision glasses. If you would like to make a pair of progressive glasses, please visit us in-store!