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Generally speaking

Is it true that I can tell the thickness of my lens based on its name?

Is it true that the larger the number (1.56, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74), the thinner the lens?

Is it true foptics’ staff are as beautiful as their frames?

The answers are yes to all of the above.

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Photochromic Lens


Anti Blue Light /

Hi Index Lens


Hi Index Lens




(You wearing foptics)

*side profile of lenses, for illustration only

1.56 Hi-index RayActive™ lens 
(Colour Changing)

Photochromic lenses change shades based on the intensity of light, adding a touch of style while you are outdoors.


Leave your sunglasses behind and let our quick color change lenses do their magic to ensure your glasses are the correct shade at all times.

photochromic lenses




Strong Sunlight

Hi-index BluShield™ lens 
(Computer protection / PC lens)

Staring at screens all day? Feeling tired after working on your computer all day? Can’t game long hours due to painful eyes? 
Protect your eyes from your everyday and increase your productivity at both work and play. 

‘Drink water, rest well, wear anti blue light lenses’ – Some doctors
‘Wear foptics, binge Netflix’ – Dr.Who

hi-index blushield lens

No yellowish tint, perfect for colour sensitive work.

1.60 hi-index lens
1.67 Hi-index lens

Thinner than 1.60 lenses, lighter and less pressure on your nose. Complete with all the protection you get from 1.60 lenses.

Recommended for -4.25 to -6.75 degree prescription.

1.67 hi-index lens
1.60 Hi-index Lens

Our basic 1.60 lenses include UV400, electromagnetic (EMI) protection, scratch resistance and water resistance. These are already thinner than the retail standard of 1.56.


Enjoy low prices and great value, only at foptics.

Recommended for -0.25 to -4.00 prescription.

1.74 Hi-index lens

Our thinnerest offering with all the goodness of 1.67, just thinner, lighter, freer. Like this paragraph.

Recommended for -7.00 and above prescriptions.

*note: 1.74 lenses will take additional 2 weeks lead time to order. Good thing must wait.

1.74 hi-index lens