Korean Glasses - The Latest Specs Trend


They used to be stylish back in the “hippie days” of the 70s. However, the trend gradually lost its popularity. But now it’s back again and it’s hotter than ever.

The Korean glasses craze is well known for its simple and minimalistic design, making these round glasses popular with the masses in the recent years.

Ever since the Korean wave swept across the globe near the 2010s, almost everything Korean have been catching on with the crowds - Korean dramas. Korean pop culture. Korean food. Korean make up. It therefore comes as no surprise that Korean glasses has been one of the latest trends when it comes to wearing spectacles.

With famous Korean celebrities like Taeyeon, Hyuna and Kim Da-som putting on these round glasses, they have successfully brought the trend back and made them cool. Naturally, many Koreans have followed suit since, starting to wear round glasses popularized by their idols and the trend gradually spread across to other asian countries, making it a craze.

Nowadays with the younger generation goes absolutely nuts about the latest fashion. Glasses definitely play a part when it comes to the looks. Gone are the days whereby wearing glasses was considered by many to be an unfashionable thing. In the past the natural stereotype was that only the nerdy ones and the bookworms put on glasses. However, nowadays many people are choosing to put on glasses just to make a fashion statement - even those with perfect eyesight. Glasses have become a fashion identity in today’s modern world and the shape and design of glasses definitely play a role in the “popularization” of glasses. The fact that the famous Korean celebrities are choosing to go with the round glasses makes it easier for it to be a trend quickly - given that they have such a huge crowd of fans who will support their idols indefinitely.

One of the reasons why Korean glasses are so popular today is that they are unisex. Both men and women can put them on and compliment their looks, unlike other spectacle designs that are less fitting. Because of their minimalistic and simple yet elegant design, this makes them the go-to pair of glasses for both genders. Being lightweight with their classic thin metal frames means that this makes them suited for everyday wear. Pairing them with outfits is also as easy as ever due to the simplicity of the design - unlike other types of spectacles with bolder designs that make them harder to pair with outfits. Fancy a casual chic look? A hippie style? Korean glasses definitely fits. You can also choose to go with these trusty round glasses even for more formal, business outfits, they still come off as professional. Now that’s versatile!


Let’s take a closer look at these Korean glasses. This stylish frame shape gives off a retro, vintage and relaxed vibe and it is ideal for everyday wear given that it is extremely lightweight. Round spectacle frames are also associated with playfulness, creativity and spontaneity - They are must-haves for a night out and a weekend getaway!

As with buying any type of glasses, it is essential to consider whether the round spectacles are going to fit well with one’s face shapes. Before you go shopping for spectacles, figure out the type of face shape that you have.


Although Korean glasses are the trend when it comes to putting on spectacles currently, and that an increasing number of people are starting to go with this type of glasses, they do not fit all face shapes after all.These round glasses will make a good fit for those with sharp, angular facial features due to the curve frames, so those with triangle, heart-shaped and squarish or even oval facial shapes can be able to pull of these Korean glasses and look great at the same time. Having said so this does not mean that those with round face shapes cannot wear round glasses - It’s slightly more difficult to style round glasses with a round face but you could definitely give them a try if you are bold enough to make a statement nonetheless!

Other than facial shape, it is also important to consider the colour of your skin as well as hair colour when it comes to choosing the right pair of spectacle frames for yourself. Those with a lighter skin tone and light coloured hair will want to choose spectacle frames with lighter colours instead of darker coloured frames as darker coloured frames will overpower and take the attention away from your facial features. If you have a dark skin tone and thicker hair, you can definitely afford to go bold with thicker frames.

With the craze over these popular Korean glasses, this can only mean a good thing for spectacle stores. Today, spectacle brands and retailers are offering more varieties at more affordable prices and many have brought in these Korean glasses because of the high demand for those minimalistic, thin-framed round glasses that gives one the “Korean look”. At F Optics, these Korean glasses are one of the best sellers and it definitely comes as no surprise. At just a mere price of $15.90, you can get these highly sought after pairs of round glasses and pull off that trendy Korean look. For the spectacle lenses, F Optics offers the option of having Anti Blue Light PC lenses with or without a degree. These Anti Blue Light PC lenses are made with the latest technology and they help to reduce eye strain and tiredness from computers, mobile phones and tablets, especially because we’re almost on our digital devices every day from morning to night.

Korean glasses are almost the ideal glasses - simple, versatile and loved by many. Ever since their return to the spotlight in the spectacle fashion scene, many have laid their hands on a pair of round glasses - almost the perfect glasses for daily wear. Are you a fan of the Korean culture? Well if you are, a pair of round Korean glasses will definitely give you the perfect Korean look. Even if you aren’t going with this fashion craze, its beyond doubt that these round glasses are able to give you a great look. To get your pair of round glasses or Korean glasses, be sure to head over to https://www.foptics.club/rounds for the best deals.

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