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foptics knows that reading a prescription card may seem confusing.

Fret not, we are here to make it simple for you to understand :)


If you don’t have a prescription or you’re unsure if it’s still accurate, feel free to drop by our store for a free eye check or send us a Whatsapp message at +65 8892 7146!

If you DO NOT have astigmatism, this is how your prescription will look like: 

RIGHT   Sphere (S) -3.25  --- aka 325 degrees

LEFT     Sphere (S) -1.50  --- aka 150 degrees

Pupillary Distance (PD) 62 mm


If you have astigmatism, this is how your prescription will look like: 

RIGHT Sphere (S) -3.25    Cylinder (CYL) -1.75    Axis 175   

LEFT   Sphere (S) -1.50     Cylinder (CYL) -0.50     Axis 45 

Pupillary Distance (PD) 62mm

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Sphere (S): degree needed to correct your vision
–  sign = short-sighted (myopia): being unable to see distant objects clearly
+ sign = far-sighted (hyperopia): being unable to see clearly up close, 

especially for prolonged periods of time
Cylinder (CYL): degree of your astigmatism
Axis (AX): angle at which your astigmatism occurs
Pupillary Distance (PD): distance between the centre of your pupils

*Do note that our prescription given is for glasses. It may or may not be suitable for contact lenses.  Should you require a prescription for contact lenses, please check with your contact lens retailer.