Turn your glasses instantly into sunglasses! The Marshall series is uniquely shaped to add some edges to your outfit. Its overall round frame suits sharp or square faces and the edges from each hexagon give a balance to round faces, making this frame very versatile for any face shape.


Fit prescription lenses on the base frame for everyday use and it instantly turns into a pair of cool prescription sunglasses with the magnetic clip-on that comes with every pair of Marshall.


Make it 3-in-1 with (1) prescription lenses, (2) BluShield protection for use in the office and (3) instant sunglasses to combat the hot sun at the price of 1.

Marshall in Cool Knight

  • You don't have to compromise style over prices. At foptics, choose from a large selection of eyewear frames and fit with lenses of your needs at prices you cannot believe!


    Click here for our full, transparent price list. Our prices include lenses, frame, beautiful hard case (no mailing worries) and cleaning cloth. Expect a price shock for sure, in a good way!


    Click here to use the Lens Selector and choose the perfect lenses for your needs (or want).


  • foptics will contact you via your preferred contact method and guide you through after checking out. We make glasses easy to buy!

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