Affordable stylish round glasses with either prescription lenses, anti blue light lenses or both!

Pepper in Brushed Gunmetal

Contact Method for Prescriptions
  • Pepper series of unisex eye wear are made from lightweight metal, weighing at only 27g to reduce pressure on your nose.


    Get it fitted with 1.60 hi-index degree lenses, anti blue light PC lenses or both!


    fopics's 1.60 hi-index anti blue light lenses effectively block out radiation and blue light from computer screens, and offers UV400 protection both indoors and outdoors. Give your eyes protection from the harmful blue light emitted from all digital screens and reduce fatigue at the same time. More productive at works means more time for play!


    Did we mention it also looks great?

  • foptics will contact you via your preferred contact method and guide you after checking out. We make glasses easy to buy!