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By the age of 40, many people have difficulty focusing their eyes on near objects. This is known as presbyopia. Therefore, many people who wear glasses with single focal lenses struggle to read texts that are near. Progressive lenses are really useful because the lens power changes gradually from point to point on the lens surface, providing the correct lens power for seeing objects clearly at literally any distance.

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are a type of multifocal lens specifically for people who need corrective lenses to see distant and close up objects. Our lenses allow u to see 3 different distances: far, intermediate, and near clearly in a single pair of glasses for a seamless daily experience, without having to switch between your glasses.

Get your progressive glasses now

With progressive lenses starting at $99.90 here at foptics, that is literally paying $0.14 per day over the span of two years to have a seamless and convenient daily experience. Take in the sight of the scenery while taking walks and read texts clearly on ur phone and papers all with just a single pair of glasses. Come by for a free eye exam with us now, to get helpful advice from our friendly optician :)

Progressive Lens Price List

Enquire now for a free comprehensive eye check and personalised precision marking for your new glasses.

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